The Caring Economy Community Advocates Program

For individuals who want to become effective advocates for a caring economy within their circles of influence, the CAP program provides the language, tools, and experience you need to step confidently into leadership as a local ambassador of the caring economy campaign.

Unlike other online classes, the CAP program is designed to support real human connections not only with your cohort-mates, but also with your local community and with our extended global network of program graduates. Small class sizes, expert facilitation, and our easy-to-use online discussion space create rich opportunities for discussion, networking, and resource sharing with passionate change makers from around the world.

As a CAP graduate, you will join over 200 leaders in 17 countries who have the tools, the language, and the confidence they need to speak out for a saner, more practical economic system- one that connects the dots between care and prosperity and acknowledges that the work of caring for people and the planet is the essential foundation of economic success.