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speakingRiane Eisler’s presentations inform, inspire, and empower. She keynotes national and international conferences and speaks at major corporations, universities, and NGOs. Other venues have ranged from the United Nations General Assembly and the U.S. State Department to invitations by heads of State.

Why do I speak? Writing and researching are solitary experiences. Being in touch with people when I speak, seeing them experience that “light bulb” moment when they relate my work to their lives and aspirations, empowering people, helping women become leaders – all this directly connects me with others and advances the personal and social transformation from domination to partnership. I consider myself extremely fortunate to reach many diverse audiences, all the way from the U.S. State Department and Congressional staffers to keynoting major conferences and doing small workshops with women and men searching for practical ways to change their lives and society. All these occasions, in turn, give me further impetus to expand my research and writing to inform and inspire.

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teachingRiane Eisler started her teaching career in the 1970s, when she introduced the first courses at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) on the social and legal status of women, followed by the social and legal status of children, drawing largely from her legal experience. In the 1980s, she began applying her cross-cultural research to education, culminating in her book
Tomorrow’s Children: A Blueprint for Partnership Education in the 21st Century, which inspired courses in schools and universities. She has been on dozens of PhD dissertation committees for candidates using her work. She has advised students and faculty worldwide on partnership education, keynoted educationally-focused conferences, spoken in classrooms, granted interviews to students from high school to graduate school, worked with faculty to develop partnership curricula, collaborated with the Montessori Foundation to develop their Partnership Education conferences and their teacher training, worked with university, high school, and grammar school teachers on their books, including Partnership Education in Action, collaborated with faculty at the University of Udine in Italy to found their Partnership Studies Group, co-authored Educating for a Culture of Peace, contributed chapters to numerous educational publications, and taught online courses on cultural transformation, caring economics, and other topics drawing from her work.

Why do I teach? Teaching is legacy work – both the legacy of my contributions and the legacy we all leave for future generations. It’s been great to teach on a whole variety of levels – from PhD review committees, college and high school classes, and webinars for professionals to community courses and programs for people seeking tools for personal and social transformation. I learn so much every time I teach! The feedback from students reaffirms my determination to inspire others to advance movement to a more peaceful and caring partnership world.