RIANE-FRAMED-BY-FLOWERS0001Riane Eisler is a prolific and highly original writer, with over 500 published articles in both scholarly and popular journals, magazines, and newspapers, plus chapters in other author’s books, encyclopedia pieces, op-eds, and online resources. She is author of seven books and co-author of many others, most recently a text for inter-professional health care education using her research on cultural transformation. Numerous other books and articles have been written using Eisler’s findings and quoting her work.

“For me, writing comes from a deeply felt need, like a subterranean spring welling up inside me. My first writings were short stories, a novel, and a screen play, fictional works that to me were very real, almost like giving voice to people demanding their stories be heard. I then turned to non-fiction, and wrote two cutting-edge books drawing from my experiences as a constitutional and family law attorney, as well as a brief to the U.S. Supreme court making the then radical argument that women should be considered persons under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

But there was a question that haunted me from my experiences as a child refugee from Nazi Europe: does there have to be so much cruelty and violence when we humans have such a great capacity for caring and love? So I turned to my training in social and systems science, and embarked on my life’s work: the study of society, past and present, with a focus on the possibilities for our future. After ten years of research, I wrote the first of what are now many books laying out a new blueprint for building a more equitable and peaceful partnership world.”

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