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“Scholars, scientists, and other international luminaries have been inspired by Riane Eisler’s groundbreaking findings. . . Through her research, writing, teaching, commentary, and her Center for Partnership Studies, she has been an ‘entrepreneur of the spirit’ devoted to expanding our vision of human purpose.”
~ Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams

“Riane Eisler’s The Real Wealth of Nations gives us a template for the better world that we have been so urgently seeking. As practical as it is hopeful, this brilliant book shows how we can build economic systems that meet both our material and spiritual needs.”
~ Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu

“You have given me fresh impetus both personally and in my political work, and at a time of widespread public disenchantment and deepening economic crisis, you give cause for new hope.”
~ Rita Suessmuth, Former President, Deutscher Bundestag (German Parliament)

Riane Eisler’s The Real Wealth of nations is an essential tool for government leaders, politicians, economists, and everyone looking for ways to halt environmental destruction, eradicate poverty, stabilize population, and build a better future.”
~ Vigdis Finnbogadóttir, President of Iceland 1980-1996

“Riane Eisler’s The Chalice and the Blade is the most important book since Darwin’s Origin of the Species.”
~ Ashley Montagu, Princeton anthropologist

“When you gave that inspirational keynote address to our deans, vice presidents, and senior faculty, your talk sent more reverberations through our community than any speaker we’d ever had. You spoke from the heart, but also with such a depth and breadth of research data and sophisticated analysis at your finger tips, gently prodding us all to do better and better.”
~ Edward M. Hundert, M.D., President, Case Western Reserve University, 2002-2006

“Riane Eisler spoke to the hearts and the heads of the top women at Microsoft. She was compelling not only in her compassion and humanity but even more so with her strong logic and sense of urgency. She is a wonderful, inspiring speaker!”
~ Alex Loeb, Former Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation

“Thank you so much for participating in our 2012 Summit of Sages at the University of Minnesota, and providing such an inspiring ending keynote. You really galvanized the room and people are ready to carry the message of partnership forward.”

~ Joanne Disch, PhD, RN, FAAN, Clinical Professor, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

“A year ago, in San Jose, when you keynoted the International Coaching Federation Conference you changed my life. Thank you ever so much, you made a profound change for me. Two things brought this about. Your storyteller technique is warm, personal, poignant and far reaching. I later decided to go into storytelling and I am still working at that, in your style. Your powerful message about the ideas and visions about the future for a partnership modeled world met my own thoughts about our presence in our world today.”
~ Dennis Jorst, President, ICF Nordic

“Wow! What a day! What a conference! And what a speech! Of the many, many people we’ve spoken to, they all consider your words among the most amazing and inspirational. We simply can’t thank you enough. We’re so grateful that you could share your unique knowledge with us.”
~ Bonnie Reiss, Executive Director, Earth Communications Office (ECO)

“I’m writing on behalf of all the participants in our Executives Leading Sustainable Change program to thank you for your inspiring and provocative presentation…Your vast knowledge of the history of humanity coupled with a deep conviction and guidance on what is needed in today’s corporations to bring about real social change left a deep impact on all of us. You provided us with a new context for thinking about how one person can make a difference and together we can change the world.”
~ Rayona Sharpnack, President, Institute for Women’s Leadership

“I first heard Riane Eisler speak when she keynoted a special meeting at the United Nations on global warming, a meeting that prepared non-governmental organizations for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in April of this year. She brought the audience to its feet in response to her powerful insights about our global challenges, which she placed in the context of her clear and enlightening analysis of how these challenges arose and what can be done to more effectively meet them. In her keynote, the nexus between caring economics and ecological justice was elucidated clearly. . .

“Dr. Eisler’s research provides a new conceptual framework that is urgently needed at this critical time. It offers new social categories and a new language to describe how universal spiritual values of compassion and peace can be translated into social realities. It enables us to see social configurations that are not visible through the lenses of old social categories; for example, the connection between the status of women and children, on the one hand, and the values that guide education, economics, and politics on the other hand. And it does this through a systemic approach that includes both qualitative and quantitative studies…

“Eisler’s work is of major importance in bringing attention to the importance of the United Nations goal of ending violence against women and generally raising the status of girls and women worldwide. But Eisler does this with a grace that is characteristic of her, one that shows that this is not a matter of blaming men but of moving forward the best in both men and women—including the humanitarian values of empathy and caring.”
~ Liberato C. Bautista, President and Chief Executive, Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CoNGO)

Thank you once again for the wonderful presentation that you made at our Symposium series …You had a very diverse audience and you somehow managed to say something which was meaningful to just about everyone. I especially appreciated your informal but well organized approach to a very difficult and complex topic.”
~ Professor Alexander W. Astin, Director, Higher Education Research Institute, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Los Angeles

“I greatly enjoyed your magnificent presentation at the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association… The need for mutual understanding among different faith traditions is particularly great in these times when religious intolerance is blossoming.”
~ Reverend Rudi Gelsey

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your contributions to Stentor’s Discovery Project. Through your work with us we were able to apply a significant number of learnings related to creativity, processes for innovation, new business opportunities, and corporate transformation.Your systems view of the world and Partnership Model were particularly helpful in establishing processes for innovation. Your willingness to take on and help with this challenging project, your determination to succeed, and creative contributions have all been exceptional Thank you again for your outstanding efforts on the Discovery Project.”
~ Wendy Weisner, Manager New Business Opportunities, Stentor Resources Centre Incorporated Ottawa, Ontario

“Thank you so much for the powerful Opening Keynote Address you presented at The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) Global Partnership Forum in the Rotunda room of the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC…You captured the audience instantly with your expressive style, sincerity, and warmth. I felt privileged to be in attendance.”
~ Laddie W. Hughes, TIAW Board Member

“Your work is truly inspiring. Our students are still discussing your ideas and applying them to their coursework. You are a truly remarkable person — filled with kindness and compassion. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.”
~ Jenny Pinter, Bainbridge Graduate Institute

“When the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) held their Millennium Economic Conference, Riane Eisler’s keynote was electrifying, informational and sensitive to the needs of women and society. She was given a dynamic standing ovation and continues to be talked about by the women who were present. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who emotionally connects with the audience while delivering thought-provoking futuristic content, Riane Eisler is your person. She is truly a thought leader for the 21st century and her new book entitled, The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics lays out the framework for the revolution. I believe Riane is a voice for our time, a voice that needs to be heard, a voice that points the way to a partnership future.”
~ Barbara G. Stanbridge, Past National President, National Association of Women Business Owners

“Your work and your example have brought hope and courage into my life, as in so many others. Deeply heartfelt thanks.”
~ Eva Moberg, Sweden

“I am so grateful for all the important work you are doing to change the world. Thank you for your intellect, your optimism in the face of darkness, and your untiring efforts on behalf of social justice.”
~ Judith Jordan, Co–director, Jean Baker Miller Training Center

“You are truly one of the world-changers among us, and we are all richer in so many ways for your presence on this planet.”
~ Thom Hartmann, political commentator and author of The Crash of 2016

“On behalf of the Network of Spiritual Progressives and the thousands of people who have joined our community I want to thank you for your wisdom, your leadership and your vision. We intend to honor you by taking that vision and making it central to our political movement of spiritual progressives.”
~ Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor, Tikkun Magazine

“What a heroine you have been and continue to be for so many, especially for me! Knowing you and your extraordinary work continues to be a constant source of inspiration for me. I so honor the grace, dignity, beauty, clarity and integrity that you consistently embody in all that you do and are. Thank you for enriching my life!”
~ Angeles Arrien, President, Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research

“I love the vastness of your spirit and the immensity of your vision, and how you have so exquisitely shared your vision with the rest of us. I love how you have made it possible for us to see ourselves and the world and the human condition with new eyes, eyes cleansed of the dominator fog, and freed us to understand far more truthfully who we really are. You have helped restore my faith in us human beings, in the human adventure, in our possibilities and our dreams. You have given me belief in us, and thus belief in myself. And you have given this gift to far more people than you can ever know.”
~ John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America

“I thank you for saving my soul!!! That may sound dramatic, but I’ve felt all of my life that there was something either desperately wrong with me, or with the way of the world. Nothing brought me any real peace, including organized religion, military service, drugs, alcohol, marriage, parenthood, you name it. A few years back, I read The Chalice and the Blade, and it set my heart on fire. Now I dare to speak out against all forms of discrimination, oppression, exploitation, and violence. Now, I’m the kind of husband, father, and man that I should be. You have accomplished great things, Ms. Eisler, and the effect you have had on my life may only be a small footnote. But Cultural Transformation is already in full swing in my life! Thank You!”
~ Mark Sorensen

“Your work has inspired new meaning to my work. My life is truly transformed by my study of, and commitment to, creating a partnership culture.”
~ Ruth Kantor Lopez, MA Partnership Education, Goddard College

“Your books are so good and relevant, that I’ve now even cited one in my investments textbook!”
~ Dr. Austin Murphy Professor of Finance, Oakland University, SBA, Rochester, MI

“Riane – I just wanted to let you know that I assigned your book The Real Wealth of Nations to my undergrad management students and a few of them actually told me afterwards that they found it ‘life changing’. Thank you for saying so eloquently what I think the next generation of leaders needs to hear.”
~ Nurete Brenner, Adjunct Professor, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

“I have been inspired by your work for years and every September talk to social work students about the partnership vs dominator model, reciting the story of how you came to this perspective. It seems to me that I referenced this model in my teaching demo which resulted in work with the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.”
~ Yvonne Haist

“The Chalice and the Blade made a powerful impression on me – as it clearly has on thousands of people. It influenced my own thinking, teaching and writing about hierarchical structures that assume oppressive forms: their history, fluctuations, effects and how we might begin to alter them. I also became aware of your path-breaking work in creating social change through activities associated with Partnership Way organizations. I then also heard you speak at a public gathering – I took notes about your style as well as your message, and as a teacher I often try to emulate your ability to ‘know your audience’ and how to engage them successfully. This is another dimension of your tremendous capacity for giving, sharing, and inspiring that has changed the world. As someone concerned with international politics, I have especially appreciated how you applied your deep insights to examining international development issues. Your appreciation of, and determination to publicize, the importance of gender equality if we are serious about sustainable development is a singular world-altering contribution. Through your writing, speaking, organizing and demonstrating love and partnership you are already changing the world, and also building a legacy that will continue to inspire individuals, mobilize collective action, and change the world in times to come.”
~ Professor V. Spike Peterson, Department of Political Science, University of Arizona

“I can’t remember where I found out about The Chalice and the Blade, but I’ll never forget reading it. It was as if a light came on in a dark attic, and I became aware of important questions…”Why is this considered more important that that? Where would we be without…?”Reading the book became the first step in a complete re-evaluation of everything in my life!”
~ Sarah Judson

“You opened my eyes in 1986 and turned my world inside out, and it has not been the same since. Your support with the Russians, with my own book, and continued work in the world to transform our thinking has been an inspiration. Keep everlastingly at it!”
~ Craig Barnes

“Back in the 1980’s a colleague of mine recommended that I read The Chalice & the Blade. What an insightful man. Who would have known, then, how much of an impact your ideas would have on my own thinking and that they would help shape the focus of my work today, as I research how to apply Partnership principles in organizations and develop courses (and I hope a certificate) in Partnership Studies for Possibilitarian Studies. And your masterpiece, Sacred Pleasure – what a pleasure to read! Thank you so much for this inspired work.”
~ Lisa Christie

“Your prodigious scholarship and vision has gifted us with language with which to define our malaise; your research has inspired us with hope that is embedded in our history, our various cultures and our diverse spiritual yearnings. I am a witness to the fact that you have laid the foundations of a movement that will shape the course of future generations of scholars, activists, spiritual practitioners, educators and ordinary and extraordinary human beings.”
~ Arisika Razak, Associate Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies

“I’m working on a speech for women’s history month at my alma mater. As research, I’m reading your new book The Real Wealth of Nations and did a little “Googling.” When I came to a site with your email address, I realized I wanted to write and let you know how important your work has been in my life and how I admire your wide-ranging and passionate vision for our species. I recommend Chalice to everyone and take it to heart. You will no doubt be mentioned in my talk next week and it’s high time I let you know how honored you are.”
~ Byron Ballard

“I can only think of a handful of scholars and activists in our time whose work will surely be known and appreciated by the generations to come. Your scholarship in furthering understanding of our human story is unique, profound, and lasting.”
~ Mark Harris

“There’s no way I could ever fully express my gratitude for the impact your work has had in the world. And I know there are thousands and thousands of others who feel similarly…You express great truths so simply and obviously that your readers (at least this one) feel a little foolish for not seeing it before. But yet that’s true of all great teachers: They give words to express what we know to be true.”
~ Marc Allen, Publisher, New World Library

“Around the time of our marriage twelve years ago my wife, Marcia, gave me Riane Eisler’s book, The Chalice and the Blade, to read. She told me it was instrumental in her evolution as a thinking/feeling being, and that she wanted to share the experience with me. I read it over a period of several nights. I guess I was ready for change.

“Over the course of the next three years by life radically departed from that of a gift sales rep/sometimes artist to researcher on the origins of human beings if humans had evolved influenced by matriarchal social structures and the power of dance & song rather than the established conventional theories.My vocation changed. My relationships expanded. Spirit grew to feel ever present. The world made sense in ways I’d not imagined.The right book at the right time can make all the difference in the world.”
~ Andrew Lehman

“Through your writing, speaking, organizing, and demonstrating love and partnership you are already changing the world, and also building a legacy that will continue to inspire individuals, mobilize collective action, and change the world in times to come.”
~ Professor V. Spike Peterson, Department of Political Science, University of Arizona

“Your work has inspired new meaning to my work. My life is truly transformed by my study of, and commitment to, creating a partnership culture.”
~ Ruth Kantor Lopez, MA Partnership Education