Marc’s Picks: Riane Eisler’s The Power of Partnership

Originally published on New World Library
by Marc Allen

I look back at the turbulence of my youth with great fondness. The mental and emotional roller coaster of our teen years shapes who we become as adults. I knew that my peers and I were bringing some very good changes into the world, but there were so many things that were confusing and frustrating to me. The years were filled with stress and anxiety.

Then, in early adulthood, I discovered a few books that changed my life. They affected my thinking and helped me put my life on course. And throughout my life, I’ve encountered books so powerful that I became a different person in some vitally important way after reading them than I was before.

The Power of Partnership by Riane Eisler is one of the most powerful, life-changing books I have ever read. It cleared up a whole lot of confusion and anxiety; it made my path much clearer, for it gave me simple, clear guidelines for what works and what doesn’t work in life.

In the book, Eisler gives us what she calls a “lens” for viewing our lives and the world. Through this lens we see all our activities on a simple scale, with perfect partnership and respect on one end, and exploitation, domination, and the need to try to control others on the other. Over and over, the book shows that all forms of exploitation or domination create far more problems than they resolve, and that working in partnership with others is the best, most lasting solution to all of life’s problems.

Riane Eisler brilliantly shows us the power of partnership in every area of our lives, in every relationship we have:

Our relationships with ourselves: Are you in partnership with yourself, do you nurture and support yourself, or is some inner critic or critical parent beating you up, undermining your uniqueness, your creativity, your joy of life?

Our intimate relationships with our lovers, family, friends: Is there domination? Are there any attempts to control the behavior of others? Or do we truly have partnerships with family and friends? Is there respect? Does everyone have a voice?

Our work and community relationships: Do we have supportive partnerships with those we work with? Or are we still involved in a subtle or obvious system of domination? The simple rule of partnership — the Golden Rule — is the most powerful single key to creating a successful business or career as well as to being a good member of the community.

Our national relationships: How well do we work with everyone in this country to build a great future for us and our children? The key is realizing we’re all partners working together.

Our international relationships: How successful are our partnerships with all the other governments and people of the world? In what areas is our country a dominator and in what areas is it a partner in the world arena? The only solution to our long-term problems, the only effective way to create lasting peace and prosperity, is through successful partnerships with everyone on earth.

Our relationship with nature: Are we a dominator or partner? We must find ways to change our current domination-based behavior.

Our relationship with spirit: Are we fully aware that we have a spiritual nature as well as a physical, an emotional, and a mental nature? Do we acknowledge and respect our spiritual nature? Do we let it guide our lives?

To fully live the life of our dreams
we have to apply the partnership model
in every relationship we have.

Make every interaction with other people, and with nature and spirit, one of respect and partnership. That’s a powerful key to a wonderful life, a life well lived.

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