What do you mean by the term “Partnership”?

The term “partnership” used to just mean a business arrangement. Then, “partnership” was used to describe strategic alliances. Now, “partnership” describes both a more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable way of life and the social conditions that support it.

Why is Partnership important now?

It is time for a new cultural story as societies around the world acknowledge the negative results that have come from the long-held patterns of domination that have prevailed in the past. The time is right now for this shift, as we stand at the brink of great social change. This time of rapid environmental, technological, and social dislocations worldwide offers the opportunity to make fundamental changes.

Who is involved in this cultural transformation to Partnership?

Research from people like Riane Eisler has created a body of knowledge that makes a strong case for the shift to partnership systems. Individuals and groups are awakening to the possibility that their actions can create this shift, one person and one group at a time. All of us working for a better future are part of the partnership movement.

What can I do as an individual interested in promoting Partnership?

The first step is to develop an understanding of the domination and partnership systems. The books recommended on this site provide information and resources that can be used in areas ranging from families, education, and religion to politics and economics. Supporting the work of CPS by volunteering, making a financial donation, and telling your friends and colleagues, are all ways of creating partnership.

Adapted from the work of Kathleen Hermes, M.A. Transformative Leadership, California Institute of Integral Studies