Eisler and the Caring Economy featured in Women of China

A recent article in the online publication, Women of China, underscores the importance of the inclusion of unpaid care in the Post-2015 development agenda of the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs). The article, Put the Care Economy in the Post-2015 Development Agenda asserts that the “unequal distribution of unpaid housework – including the work associated with caring for people – between men and women undermines society’s progress toward gender equity”. Citing her 2007 book, The Real Wealth of Nations, Dr. Eisler’s argument is brought to light across the globe that including the work of caring for people and nature in economic metrics and including it in what we value will make great strides toward “an equal partnership between men and women.” Read the full article in Women of China, the publication of the All-China Women’s FederationHERE