Do We Care?

“Do We Care?” by Steven T. Jones features activists pushing for better recognition of the caregiving professions, with extensive quotes from Riane Eisler about the Caring Economy Campaign

Published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian on March 26, 2013,the article combines real life stories with news about how caregivers are organizing, highlighting how the economic and social value of care work in both markets and households is beginning to gain traction.

Here is an excerpt:

Teresa Molina faced abusive, belittling treatment on the job.

The 52-year-old immigrant from Sinaloa, Mexico, says she was paid $500 a month to provide 24-hour, live-in care to a girl in a wheelchair and her family. She wasn’t allowed regular breaks. She couldn’t eat what she wanted. Even her sleep was disrupted.

“I spoke up a couple times, but when I did, my employer told me I was dumb and good for nothing,” Molina, speaking Spanish through a translator, told us. “She would ask my immigration status, and I said that was not important, but she used that as a threat.”

Molina is a domestic worker — one of the only two professions (the other being farm work) exempt from federal labor standards.

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