CIIS Online Graduate “Power of Partnership” Course with Riane Eisler and Susan Carter

partnershipcoverYou can take this class by itself or to get a degree. The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) offers an online Transformative Leadership MA and a Transformative Studies Ph.D. with a focus on Partnership Studies.  This is an exciting opportunity to advance your career and become a partnership leader in your community, organization, and the world. You can enroll for the degree program or as a special student in Riane’s and Susan’s online class, The Power of Partnership.

Student Comments:

“The Partnership concentration is proving to be the most worthwhile and transformative educational opportunity I’ve encountered. It presents practical, accessible and holistic solutions to the most urgent challenges and myriad problems we face on a personal, interpersonal, national and global scale. ”
            –Elisa Audo, Director of Prevention, Community Violence Solutions

“As an activist and community leader, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to study such powerful, transformational theories as addressed in this class. Studying directly with Riane Eisler is an incredible honor and a profound experience. This class is a must for anyone with a penchant for leadership, politics and change.”
            –Heidi L. Sieck, City and County of San Francisco, Disaster Response Program     Co-Chair San Francisco Women’s Policy Summit


“I am very, very thankful for having taken this course. Riane and Susan, you
both have been such role models…so genuine and authentic. I have watched in
awe your compassionate, understanding, and articulate responses.”
            –Jim Martin, Northwest Territories of Canada, Executive Director of the Tlicho
            Community Services Agency (a public/tribal agency)

For more information, please contact Martha Brumbaugh at CIIS 415-575-6173 or Susan Carter

To register for the MA program or for one of the courses, please contact Allyson Werner at or call 415.575.6155.