Child Protection Advocates at the Eleventh Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference

Dr. Riane Eisler, JD, will be adding her voice*  to those of many other academics, advocates, attorneys and activists who are calling for help on behalf of the women and children who are survivors or victims of DV and of the nation’s shattered family law system.  As the State Department guest speaker for Women’s History Month in 2013, Riane Eisler’s speech was entitled What’s Good for Women is Good for the World.   Eisler is the author of many books (available from the Center for Partnership Studies bookstore on-line) and of  Protecting the Majority of Humanity: Toward an Integrated Approach to Crimes against Present and Future Generations

Now in its 11th year, the BMCC is an annual conference that addresses the well-documented pattern of serious legal, civil, and human rights violations encountered by battered women who, in good faith, approach the family/divorce court system seeking protection for themselves and their children from an abusive spouse or partner.  Please visit the website for more information.