Books by other authors using Riane’s work

The Chalice and The Blade in Chinese Culture: Gender Relations and Social Models

The Chalice and The Blade in Chinese Culture:

Traces changing patterns in the relations between women and men over 20,000 years of Chinese history.
Probes implications of changes in gender relations for religion, economics, education, and the family, as well as for both women's and men's day-to-day lives.
By Chinese Partnership Research Group at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. Edited by Professor Min Jiayin, China Social Sciences Publishing House, Beijing.

The Chalice and The Blade in Chinese Culture is a major contribution to an understanding of the centrality of 'women's issues' to our world's past, present, and future.
~ Riane Eisler

The Art of Partnership: Essays on Literature, Culture, Language and Education towards a Cooperative Paradigm

With contributions by Riane Eisler and David Loye, The Art of Partnership investigates the concept of partnership from a range of perspectives offered by the contributions of scholars and researchers in various disciplines.

The book was inspired by a conference held at the University of Udine, Italy on partnership education, and Antonella Riem Natale and Roberto Albarea, its editors, hope that it will foster discussion among students, colleagues, and scholars worldwide, thus enabling us all to achieve a greater balance and cooperation, in the spirit of difference in equality.

As Professor Riem writes, "Fostering a culture of partnership implies an open and dynamic approach towards those events and systems of human relationships characteristic of our Western societies, torn between a surplus of information and uncertainty. This also involves processes of meditation and awareness of present-day forms of social cohesion, and a focus on common good, on modalities of cooperation, and the educational relevance of creating a common ground of shared values."