The Power of Partnership

Based on the research that brought international recognition to Riane Eisler's groundbreaking work The Chalice and the Blade, but addressing the world as it is today, The Power of Partnership offers inspiration and guidance for moving to the better lives we yearn for. It is a self-help book that recognizes that the self can't be helped in isolation.

Eisler offers us a new lens, a new paradigm, for seeing the world and living in it. The Partnership Model, which emphasizes mutual respect and a fundamental awareness of the sacredness of all life, creates a sold foundation for families, businesses, communities, and the world. In contrast, the suffocating paradigm that has guided much of recorded history -- what Eisler calls the Domination Model -- has led individuals and groups, acting out of fear, to oppress women, wage war, terrorize, and subjugate others. Using these simple yet far-reaching models, Eisler shows how political and personal relationships based on domination inevitably result in misery and violence, while those founded on partnership foster respect, love, and an explosion of creativity.


Nothing can vanquish anxiety like clarity, which is what Riane Eisler delivers abundantly in The Power of Partnership. Read it and you'll come away with a new understanding of how the world works, (and why it so often works atrociously). Even more important, you'll feel better about it (because you'll feel less helpless about it) -- and in a world that seems to be going mad we can all use some of that!

~ Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael

The Power of Partnership is the right medicine for virtually everything that ails our society and planet right now. . . a brilliantly accessible plan for transforming ourselves and our world.

~ Christiane Northrup, M.D., author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

If the Osama bin Ladens of this world were required to read this book and absorb its message, the human race would surge onto the fast track toward love and creativity.

~ Howard Bloom, author of Global Brain

Dissolution: No-Fault Divorce, Marriage, and the Future of Women

Dissolution is a new word for divorce. In Dissolution, Riane Eisler discusses the fundamental societal and litigious changes of divorce from an action that was until recently an unacceptable social phenomenon to what is now commonplace. The book compares the old divorce laws based on marital fault with new "no-fault" divorce laws, an analysis of the laws and institutions of marriage and divorce, and alternatives (social and litigious) to marriage and divorce.

Quotes about Dissolution:

"Dissolution is must reading for every woman...whether she already believes in equal rights for all beings or belongs to the Phyllis Schlafly school of thought. Riane Eisler's work is the most definitive yet on the female species and her rights."
-Rona Barrett, Good Morning America, ABC-TV

"Only those of us who have gone through divorce without your book can fully appreciate its value. Its factual information gives strength. Its innate empathy comforts. Its totality is an integral part of the body of great feminist writings."
-Frances Lear, President, Lear Purvis Walker & Co.

The Equal Right Handbook: What Era Means to Your Life, Your Rights, and the Future

Riane Eislers Handbook is a beautifully and concisely written book about one of the most important social movements of our times. She presents the case for the ERA as a matter of simple justice.

The Equal Rights Handbook has been hailed as:

"...a wonderful book. Youve done an enormous job in winning the fight for equality. Your work will be used, by me and by others, in this long hard struggle for simple decency the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment."
-Alan Alda

"Riane Eisler has written the definitive book on the ERA."
-Erica Jong

"At last the significance and impact of ERA as law has been made clear by an attorney and legal authority who is also a woman, a mother, and who can write!"
-Carol Burnett

"...demonstrates that ERA is the missing link in our struggle to become a fully democratic nation. It is basic reading for every American woman."
-Nancy Neuman, ERA Chair, League of Women Voters

"...clears up the distortions leveled against the Equal Rights Amendment and provides essential information on organizing and fund-raising to promote equality for women."
- Ruth Hinerfeld, President, League of Women Voters

"...answers the misleading charges about ERA. More importantly, it answers the hard questions raised by those whose minds can be changed. At a crucial time, the Equal Rights Handbook is a necessary companion to help win ratification."
-David Cohen, President, Common Cause

Tomorrow’s Children

Tomorrow's Children recommends sweeping changes in both the content and process of teaching and maintains that ideas of struggle, conquest, and destruction can successfully be supplanted by those of cooperation, mutual aid, and respect for creation. The result is a revolutionary and inspiring picture of how education--and by extension, society--might look in the twenty-first century.

Partnership education will be part of everyone's consciousness, as the whole community will recognize that children are our most precious resource--to be nurtured, cultivated, and encouraged to flower in the unique ways each of us can. Partnership schools will be resources of and for the whole community, linked to other schools, communities, and nations through electronic communications fostering a world community. In partnership schools, tomorrow's children will form visions of what can be and acquire the understandings and skills to make these visions come true. ~ Epilogue, Tomorrow's Children

A compelling framework for developing lessons that speak to the urgency of the environmental and social challenges facing us in the next century. Inviting readers to think outside conventional boxes of educational reform, this is an ambitious, imaginative, and practical guide to a better educational future.

From Riane Eisler, Tomorrow's Children: Partnership Curriculum Loom and Tapestry

From Riane Eisler, Tomorrow's Children: Partnership Curriculum Loom and Tapestry

~ Publisher's Weekly

No philosophical, meandering treatise, this book presents practical activities for encouraging collaboration in the classroom.

~ American School Board Journal

Holistic and helpful, idealistic yet practical. It's written by a scholar who is also a grandmother and it's filled with knowledge, experience, and love.

~ Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia

Riane Eisler argues persuasively that the adoption of a partnership model in both schools and the larger society is essential for human life to flourish.... With her, I believe that human happiness, if not survival itself, depends on it.

~ Nel Noddings, Professor, Stanford University

Sacred Pleasure

Sacred Pleasure explores the past, present, and potential future of sex. It looks at both sex and the sacred in the context of our cultural and biological evolution. It demsystifies much in our sexual history that has been confusing, indeed often incomprehensible, shedding new light on matters still generally shoved under the rug of religious dogma or scientific jargon.

"This is Eisler's most stunning, far-reaching, and practical gift - both to readers and a world that must change or perish."

~ Gloria Steinem

The Real Wealth of Nations

In The Real Wealth of Nations, pioneering social scientist, Riane Eisler powerfully shows that the great problems of our time - from poverty and inequality to environmental degradation, war, and terrorism - are due largely to flawed economic systems that set the wrong priorities, misallocate resources, and fail to value the most important human work.

"This brilliant book shows how we can build economic systems that meet both our material and spiritual needs."

~ Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The Real Wealth of Nations Press Release

Review by Thomas F. Hawk

The Chalice and the Blade

The Chalice and the Blade tells a fascinating new story of our cultural origins. Drawing from archeological and mythic evidence, It shows that war and the "war of the sexes" are neither divinely nor biologically ordained. It verifies that a better future is possible -- and is in fact firmly rooted in the haunting drama of what actually happened in our past.

"The Chalice and the Blade is the most important book since Darwin's Origin of the Species."

~ Princeton Anthropologist Ashley Montagu